Our new development IDesk Hotel – a revolutionary application for hotels working on a large information touch panel.

IDesk Hotel: 

  • makes the hotel lively and informative;
  • saves staff time to communicate with guests;
  • + 0.5 to the rating Booking.com within a month;
  • helps to develop resorts and returns guests to the hotel.

The main functionality of IDesk Hotel:

  • Hotel information. It contains a list of hotel services, working hours, description and contact information;
  • Recommendations. Objects that you can recommend to guests, from your events to museums, theaters, and other interesting objects;
  • Map of directions. List of sights on the map. You can add important places that will be of interest to your guests;
  • Air travel. Online timetable for local airports;
  • Weather. A summary of the weather at the place of stay and at the nearest resorts;
  • List of events. Hotel events, special offers, city events, advertising partners and everything that you want to convey to the guest.

For cooperation, write to me. A short presentation on the Russian is here.

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