Love König: King’s Gate

The King’s Gate is one of the most beautiful fortress monuments in Königsberg. The structure is made in the neo-Gothic style, familiar to the townspeople.

The King’s Gate is primarily a museum site with a permanent exposition called “The Great Embassy”, temporary exhibitions about the origin and development of the fortress city, the visits of outstanding people, including the Grand Embassy of Peter I, the formation of Russian diplomacy, embassies and consulates here, as well as the long-standing ties of this land with Russia.

The King’s Gate is also a cultural site, being the center of Russian and international relations of the city and the venue for international partnership projects, ceremonies, concerts and meetings. Naturally, due to its unique geographical location, Königsberg-Kaliningrad has always served as a gateway between Russia and Europe, as well as between the West and the East.

The King’s Gate is located at the address: No. 112-Frunze St., Kaliningrad.

Tel.: +7 (4012) 58-12-72

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