Love König: Friedland Gate

The Friedland Gate was designed in the neo-Gothic style. It was constructed between 1857 and 1862. This gate played an important role in the construction of the second fortification of Königsberg. The outside of the facade of the gate has a sculpture of Grand Master Siegfried von Feuchtwangen. He was the founder of the Middle Castle in Marienburg (Malbork, Poland).

All visitors can tour the small museum, which is located right on the premises of the gate. Here, you can see crockery and household items, as well as wheels from carriages and carts. The museum has a separate exhibition dedicated to the fortifications of Königsberg. You can also visit an exhibition of small arms of the times of the First and Second World Wars.

If you are a lover of music and poetry, then you definitely should visit the small hall of the museum. It often hosts literary and musical evenings under candlelight.

The Friedland Gate is located at: No. 6-Kalinina Ave., (Cnr. Kalinina Ave. and Dzerzhinsky St., right next to the South Park).

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