Love König: Rosgarten Gate

This place was previously simply endless pastures. It was in their honor that the Rosgarten Gate was named.

The gate building, which has survived to this day, was built between 1852 and 1855. A fish restaurant called “Sun Stone” now stands here.

The passage gate is 4 inches wide. On the right and the left are three casemates with windows. Turrets, battlements and machicolations add refinement to the whole ensemble. In front of the gate entrance is a large arch, above which is an observation platform. On the sides of the arch are two portraits of the Prussian generals Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

Interestingly, one side of the gate, an urban gate, has a very beautiful design. But there are no such decorative ornaments on the outside. On the outside, the passage to the gate is covered by a blockhouse. It is possible to fire from this position (with circular rifles, and artillery).

Location of Rosgarten Gate: No. 1-Marshal Vasilevsky Square, Cnr. Chernyakhovsky Ave. & Alexander Nevsky St., next to Vasilevsky Square and the Amber Museum, Kaliningrad.

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