Love König: Juditten Church (St. Nicholas Church)

The oldest church in Königsberg-Kaliningrad and the oldest building of the city located on Tenistoy Alley. The church was built in 1288 in the Gothic architectural style. The church was initially a temple – a fortress, as evidenced by its external appearance.

Massive walls, built of large boulders on a lime mortar. The interior of the church struck with its richness and diversity. It contained a magnificent collection of church utensils and valuable gifts, which, in their artistic value, were comparable with the exhibits of the most famous museums. Here were the most ancient frescoes in Prussia, depicting the life of Christ, the terrible judgment and the chivalrous plots.

But the most valuable thing of the church was a wooden sculpture of the Madonna and Child, which was considered sacred and miraculous, and for centuries attracted multitudes of pilgrims here. Another pride of the church was the oldest organ in Königsberg. Juditten Church was virtually undamaged during the Second World War. However, it was later abandoned and partly destroyed.

In 1985, the ruins were transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church. This was followed by major restoration works that saw the building being restored with great deviation from the original. After 40 years of atheism, this church became the first Orthodox church to be built in the Kaliningrad Region.

Near the walls of the church is the burial ground for the famous Königsbergs, among them Stanislaus Cauer, the unsurpassed sculptor who left the city the rich artistic heritage of the Schiller Monument. Arriving at the former Juditen, you will have the pleasure of admiring the old villas, trees and landscape.

Address: No. 39B-Tenistaya Ave., Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Region

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