Love König: Maraunenhof

The district originated in the early 20th century. The population of Königsberg increased, and the city was constrained by a ring of fortifications. All the free areas within the ramparts were built up. Soon, the military department decided to sell the old fortifications to the city. In 1906, the wall of the inner ring of defensive structures was destroyed, and the road to the colony of Maraunenhof villas was laid. Königsberg rushed over the ramparts to the former villages and suburbs.

The idea of residing in the countryside became fashionable throughout Europe, and Königsberg did not lag far behind. The district began from the Der Wrangel Tower and passed along the Upper Lake (formerly Lake Obertaich). The houses here were built one after the other, and were especially made to not rise higher than two floors. They are all decorated with bas-reliefs with designs of mythical figures and occult symbols.

The residents had a passion for decorating their homes; they made each of them unique and different from the others, and created a cozy surrounding space. Later, this district on the banks of the Oberteich became one of the most beautiful places in Königsberg.

The guise of the many Maraunenhof buildings displays the Art Nouveau, the Highmatile and the Modern. Maraunenhof District has many similarities with the no-less-picturesque district of Amalienau. The development of these two districts was carried out almost simultaneously.

For many years, Kaliningrad Polytechnic College, an educational institution that was one of the first opened after the war, stood here. Now, there is the Institute of Transport and Technical Services. In the 1930s, there was a real English-style park situated just across the street opposite it. A modern city park called “Yunost” (Russian for “Youth”) is now located here.

Walking through the streets of Maraunenhof is indeed a time travel journey back to the past life of the city.

Location: In the district of Telman St., Upper Lake and Yunost Park.

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