Love König: University of Albertina

The biggest attraction of one of the districts of Königsberg was the University of Albertina, which opened its doors in August 1544. At that time, the university building was located on the island of Kneiphof (now Kant Island), next to the cathedral by the Pregolya River. In 1829, when a severe flood swept over the basements and foundation of the old Albertina building, it was decided to build a new university building.

The new building was opened in July 1862. It soon became an iconic landmark of Königsberg. The University of Albertina was then considered one of the best universities in Europe. The university continued operating until 1944, when a raid by British aircraft burned the building down. Until its final closure, the educational institution had the faculties: natural sciences, agricultural, theological, state and law, socio-political sciences, medical, philosophical.

The restored Albertina building on Universitetskaya St. currently houses the Department of Living Systems, which incorporates geographic, biological and medical disciplines. Books from the legendary Wellenrutsche Library are stored here.

Location: No. 2-Universitetskaya St.

You can get to the University from the Holiday Inn Kaliningrad in 10-15 minutes.

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