Love König: Fort No. 5 King Friedrich Wilhelm III Museum

Fort No. 5 King Friedrich Wilhelm III was built in the late 19th century. It is a defensive architectural monument that is part of a ring of forts called “Night Feather of Königsberg.” It was named in honor of the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III, who was Head of State during the war with Napoleon. Today, it is a military & historical memorial complex.

Fort No. 5 is one of the 12 powerful forts that were located along the perimeter of the ring road around Königsberg. The fort is a hexagon stretched out along the front – a central structure measuring 360 by 180 meters, surrounded by a water ditch 20-25 meters wide and 3-5 meters deep.

From the main entrance, which is covered by a powerful pillbox, a central gallery leads into the fort interior. The symmetrically-located central structure included barracks for soldiers and officers, an infirmary, a kitchen and a dining room, warehouses of ammunition and food, a guard room, a boiler room. The ceilings of the fort are vaulted, made of bricks, sand and concrete, up to 5 meters thick. To camouflage the fort, it was surrounded by specially-planted trees.

Today, you can stroll under the vaults of the legendary building, inspect its premises, patios and shelters, as well as visit an exhibition of rare military photographs called “Sturm Königsberg” and the arms exposition of the Great Patriotic War.

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