Love König: Altes Haus Apartment Museum

Get ready to embark on a journey that will not only plunge you into the mystique of the early 20th century, but also let you get in tune with the past and feel its magic.

The apartment museum was opened to the public in April 2014. A century ago, this site was home to the family of the merchant Gustav Grossman. Today, it gives us the unique opportunity to wind back the hands of time back into the business and private world of the Königsberg entrepreneurs of that era. Guests are also treated to a unique peek into the lives of the women who lived at the turn of the 20th century.

The museum has no fanciful enclosure, glass displays or custodians. Get to sit in an antique chair or armchair, break into some tune on a piano or a 19th-century violin, or, better still, simply enjoy a sip of warm coffee from an antique tea-cup. Other visitors will also sit down at the table, click the switch on the intricate lamp, and under its soft glow, stories of the pre-war Königsberg spring to life.

Take a walk through the districts of Amalienau and Mittel Hufen, learn the history of the tenement houses on Schröter Straße, where the house of Herr Grossman still stands, and

browse through the everyday items of men of that time: from the headgear, footwear and smoking pipes and accessories to the suits of that era.

The bedroom of Frau Grossmann will afford you a rare peek into the ladies’ world: the linen, gowns, personal care items and etiquette rules that every young Fraulein and respectable Frau were obliged to follow.

The museum is located at the address: No. 11-Krasnaya St., and opens its doors every day from Monday to Saturday at 11.00 hrs., 13.00 hrs. and 15.00 hrs. Bookings for private tours at a convenient time by phone +7 (4012) 335060.

Ticket prices:

  • Tours from Monday to Saturday at 11.00 hrs., 13.00 hrs. and 15.00 hrs. – RUB 350. NO pre-booking REQUIRED.
  • Private tours at other times and on Sundays: RUB 2000 for groups of 1 to 4 guests; each additional guest pays an extra RUB 500.

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