Love König: Knight Jousting Tournaments

On visiting Nessel’bek Castle, you get to fully experience the atmosphere of spectacular fights and tournaments.

At the Nessel’bek Castle arena, one can watch jousting tournaments and foot-fighting matches. Guests are seated on a cozy summer terrace, where they can sit comfortably and admire the enchanting spectacle. Add to this, homemade fresh beer, brewed at the castle’s own brewery, together with a unique cuisine, are typically at your disposal.

Fully clad in medieval gear, the riders participate in equestrian knightly tournaments. They fight on specially-bred horses that will immediately capture your heart.

You can watch this spectacular event from the inside. Trained horses, colorful costumes and a unique atmosphere – all this, combined with a delicious meal and a cozy summer terrace from which you can watch the fight, make the jousting tournaments at the castle a real treat!

Address of Nessel’bek Castle: No. 7-Central Lane, Orlivka Settlement, Guryevsky District, Kaliningrad Region.

Tel.: +7 (4012) 39-81-28

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