IT MaMa is an intelligent and experienced team working on large web projects and applications that you can proudly put in your portfolio and show your mom.

The structure of our services:

Stages of work:

How much does it cost to make a site – the most popular question.

We warn you at once: we cannot answer unambiguously at him. But at the price we will orient.

  • Business card / promo: 10 thousand $ – 15 thousand $
  • Corporate site: 1 million – 30 thousand $
  • Site directory: 20 thousand $ – 40 thousand $
  • Shop with delivery and payment: 30 thousand $ – 50 thousand $
  • Store with integration: 30 thousand $ – 100 thousand $
  • Mobile application: 15 thousand $ – 50 thousand $
  • Startup: 30 thousand $ – 10 thousand $
  • Sites and applications – an individual thing. One needs a spartan set of basic functions, so long as the main task is performed. Another – more animation, integration and the elephant on the bike. Therefore, for each type of project we have a minimum and maximum price.

How much your project will cost, we will say after the aggregation of requirements.
At this stage, we find out what must be on the site, what you want to add, and what you can refuse or do later, after launch.

We know what you think. Why so expensive?

For a studio that has been working for 10 years and is in the TOP 100 best developers in Europe, the prices are adequate.

We do premium projects.

We understand that not everyone needs this, and there will be students who will be asked to request 10 times less for the same job. But we believe that it is better to invest once in the development of a strong website that will last 5 years, than to spend these years on dense expensive technical support for a curved code.

We do not work with templates.
We think over and draw a different design for each site so that it solves the specific tasks of a particular customer.

We are aggregating requirements.
It increases the cost of the project, but makes our work with you clearer and more transparent. After analytics, we can call the cost accurate to the ruble and the term to the exact day.

We do primary SEO optimization.
We set up redirects, install Metrics and Analytics counters, robots.txt, sitemap, tools for setting meta tags – all this will help not to get lost in the search results and save (or even improve) the traffic of the old site.

We carry out the instructions for filling content.
If the standard manuals do not help, our account manager will teach you how to work in the Beatrix admin panel.

Warranty on our sites and applications – one year.
And for the first three months the project manager will help you in every possible way, answer questions and ensure that you do not have any problems with the site.

Why do you work without VAT?
We will have to pay for you – make a discount then.

Almost all companies developing websites operate without VAT. This is due to the fact that in our industry there is no input VAT, and, accordingly, VAT simply increases the cost of services by 18+% (VAT + administration costs).
Usually, companies want VAT, because you can reduce yours on it. It turns out, in this case, VAT is a way to save money.

Since there is no input VAT in our industry and the only way to allocate it is to increase the cost, the presence of VAT does not allow the customer to save anything.

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