Development of highload projects

Where a good, desired site – there are crowds of users and high loads. And where high loads there are not loading pages, sales are falling and servers are smoking. Well, only if the site does not have highload optimization 🙂 With it, the project will survive any load.

Do not brake!
Every second of loading the site reduces the conversion by 7%.

To make the site make a profit, you need to be confused: to develop a cool design, fill it with rich content and make it work. And it is more difficult than it seems to many clients and even developers. One thing is to prepare a workable site for acceptance by the general director. And another thing is to make a project that will also be smartly working under the onslaught of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of users per second.

An unprepared site in such a situation begins to fever:

  • pages load slower than usual, or do not load at all;
  • the content is not fully loaded – the video does not play beyond the middle, and the images are only
  • partially displayed;
  • random errors occur;
  • The connection to the server is lost.

Failures especially often occur on days when sales should potentially be more (which is even more offensive): on Black Friday, during seasonal sales and at the start of sales of new products. As a result, profits decrease, customer loyalty falls.
And then it’s time to think about Highload.

What is Highload?

Highload – technology that makes the project resistant to high loads. This is not some kind of universal piece of code that is inserted – and everything flies. This is the setting of the site architecture: work with databases, server, use of modern technologies and programming languages.

Let’s draw an analogy with a regular clothing store. Here, instead of servers, programming languages ​​and other it-pieces, we have simple and understandable consultant, cash desk and product.

On a typical day, the consultant approaches each client, helps to choose the size, advises accessories, then escorts to the ticket office and counts the buyer. Two or three consultants cope with it quite well.

And on Black Friday, 50 customers are attacked by the store at once – and their number does not decrease. The consultants follow the usual pattern with each other, guard them at the fitting room, run after the required size. At this rate, they manage to serve five percent of those visitors who could leave with their purchases. Minus profit and loyalty.

Understandably, the work of consultants should be optimized. Also with the site – if it does not cope, it’s time to change something.

For each project, the point when it is time to apply Highload is different: some sites and applications fall at a load of 500 users per second, some are dealt with only at 100,000. But any project has it.

When is it time to do a highload site optimization

If you are familiar with the problems listed above – it’s time to optimize the site and prepare it for high loads. It’s never too late. If you feel that the website or application that we have done is not coping with the pressure of users, your project will be optimized by the same developers who have been working on it from the very beginning – save time and money for an introduction to the course.

If you initially plan to do a large project that can withstand high loads, we can immediately develop a website optimized for them. This solution is suitable for social networks and online stores that want to become market leaders – otherwise they will work until the first peak of popularity.

We optimize even those projects that are not made by us.
Want a fast, reliable, highload-optimized website? This is us. Leave a request and our manager will contact you soon to discuss the details.


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