Ecommerce: Development of premium online stores

Perhaps this will suit you if you are counting on a really serious stream of clients. Or your old store is bursting at the seams from the patches, and any new change paralyzes sales for several hours.

Do business. We take the technical side of the matter.
For those who decided to do everything in an adult way.
Well, ideally, of course, you had to do it right away. But we all know how many ends you need to tie up in order to at least get into a masculine, honest zero. One logistics with the post of Russia is worth something!

So, if the need for development has appeared and it is realized – let’s look at the key stages that ensure the success of our future online store.

Bright, modern design

This is an obvious indicator of a good project. Why? Because users are now damn naughty, and many of them immediately close the page, which did not understand. Or the design of which did not cause confidence.

By the way, have you heard about the consideration of behavioral factors by search engines?
If the user closes your page, without really looking at it – the search engine penalizes your site for issue. Therefore, it is extremely important not only to make the design like to the visitor, but also to hook him with some piece. To force to view a site up to the end, to look through pages.

Sometimes this can be achieved through the use of parallax, game mechanics, CSS-animation, drawing elements, and sometimes – due to the bright, entertaining presentation of the goods. However, the key factor here is that the design should be of real quality! This is achieved through our experience, continuous analysis of global trends and the right processes: analysis of key people, visual briefing, brainstorming and the use of creative techniques – more about our work processes.

Thanks to the design, visitors spend more time in the store and are more willing to shop. Remember this!

Ease of use

Your customers should be easy to find the product of interest and buy it. The correct interfaces are responsible for this. To ensure a high level of convenience for your store, we always begin development with an interactive prototype. In addition, we use the best practices in the field of usability. We have our own check list for usability of online stores, separate checklists for forms and filters to ensure maximum convenience for your visitors.

By the way, do you follow the behavior of users on your site? If they often put the goods in the basket, and then throw it away – it’s time to critically evaluate the interfaces. You can even write to us in the chat about your problem – we will try to help.

Quality showcase and service

Take your product placement online as seriously as you take it in a regular store. Show the buyer the goods face! Prepare high-quality photos (we can recommend great photographers. Prepare clear descriptions of goods (we can take over copywriting).

Make sure that the phone on the site is placed in a prominent place and you can always get through to it. Try (at least sometimes) to make a purchase in your store and ask for something non-standard, for example, delivery at 8 am;).

See if the operators respond quickly and how exactly they will behave in non-standard situations.

No quality design will save the project, if it will be dull photos, or inflated prices. Prepare good content as early as possible!

High loads and project development

Even if the numbers of 50-100 thousand unique visitors per day now seem unreal to you – this is quite real for our customers.

The main thing is to be ready for this and have a technological opportunity to expand and develop your online store.

First, prepare for the increase in the number of visitors: this is achieved through the correct code structure, thoughtful caching, the ability to distribute the load across several servers and connect the CDN – special content delivery networks distributed throughout the world.
Secondly, to be able to quickly add new functions to the project, to develop it. We ensure this by working on SCRUM and a well-organized technical support team.

Convenient content management system

Do not take risks, choose a leader!
Yes, at the annual contest of the best sites “Rating Runet” among the projects with the branded CMS, 1C-Bitrix is ​​also leading.
To achieve the stability of your store to heavy loads, we use the most reliable CMS and multi-stage testing.

1C-Bitrix is ​​the optimal platform for commercial projects and the only certified CMS in Russia. A license costs a penny compared to how many problems technical support will remove from you. In addition, the use of Bitrix allows efficient integration of the store with 1C.

By the way, it happens that customers doubt the performance of CMS from 1C-Bitrix. Especially in order to dispel such misconceptions, a load test of the system was carried out on ordinary server equipment – the system freely maintains from 85,103,456 visitors to the site per day. This is more than enough.

1C-Bitrix is ​​not just a convenient content management system, it is also an engine that runs online stores known to everyone, such as Euroset, Eldorado and Svyaznoy. Think over time to compete with these titans? It seems to us that in this case it is worthwhile to order the site on a proven system, even if you now own a relatively modest business.

Therefore, in most cases, our experts will recommend this particular system, selecting the most suitable edition for you.

Integration with third-party services

Any large online store, as a rule, is associated with various subsystems: calculating the cost of delivery, payment, sms or e-mail alerts, integration with 1C, AXAPTA or “My Warehouse”. Each project is unique, but our experience allows you to integrate even with very exotic systems. We are ready to assume (and even recommend that we dangle) coordination and communication with your IT specialists, no matter how important they are.

Long and expensive?

In our practice, there are several projects of monsters, the development of which is systematically engaged in a team of 2 people. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Usually at the start (in 2-3 months) the store starts with a minimum of the most important functions (catalog + basket). And then, in stages, with the profit it is increasing and developing.

A good online store can start from 15 000 $ (based on 1C-Bitrix edition of “Small Business”). Shops with integration with various systems usually fit into a plug of 20 000$ – 50 000 $ (1C-Bitrix edition of “Business”).

Complex systems with an expanded personal account, taking into account the characteristics of wholesalers, clever discounts, elements of social networks and other excesses cost more and are calculated individually. Discuss your project with our expert and we will select the optimal configuration for you, taking into account your specifics, deadlines and budget!


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