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Do you need a mobile app development? Or social networking apps? Welcome.
What exactly can we offer you? Development of applications of any type and complexity for mobile devices and social networks. Let’s tell on examples:

The time that European spend every month on social networks is 9.8 hours.

And this indicator is growing steadily.

  1. Business applications that make the complicated simple. Our example is the Vesta application for freight forwarders and their employers. Their interaction consists of many small tasks that the sooner you decide – the better. For example, bidding for an order that is placed by the employer. With a smartphone, you can monitor the relevance of the bet even on the road – the usual condition of the driver – and not be on duty at the computer. Here, the employer can track your cargo – the driver’s application sends the coordinates. It also paves the route and informs about the completion of the order. The complex functionality of the site without a loss fit into your pocket.
  2. Communication applications. The secret dream of every second start-up is to create your own social network. The success of Tinder and Snapchat has shown that the idea is still viable, and you need to implement it in the format of a mobile application. This is convenient – users themselves generate content, quickly and densely sit down to communicate in a new format. When enough active users are typed, the social network can be monetized. For example, add stickers with a cat. Although you can come up with something more original – like monetization in applications.
  3. Increase customer loyalty – mobile apps can and this. If you notice that your customers are using smartphones, encourage it. Make an application that will facilitate the use of services and reduce the long and tedious process to three touches. People will appreciate the care – you will get a reliable return and retention channel.
  4. Business applications for social networks designed to solve business problems of your company. And also – web services with full integration into social networks. Programming such applications makes it possible to use social media accounts for authorization and work with application features.
  5. Games for social networks, which not only detract players, but also attract their friends to the gameplay. And with a good monetization scheme – they bring a very good income to the owner.
  6. Branded applications in social networks, the purpose of which is not to make a profit, but to gain loyal customers (and this is no less important aspect of e-commerce). The effect of creating such an application is the mass of satisfied users and even more fans of the brand.

Thirty-four million people: exactly so many active users of social networks are in correspondence, looking for information, sharing photos, playing online games – without leaving their personal profile.

When do we need mobile apps?

Research suggests that social network users are a very wide and diverse audience.

Indicators of gender and age are different, but at the same time you can easily find “your” consumers in any of the social networks.

Not always. Just keep in touch with your audience through the site, mailing, actively posting photos on Instagram. And mobile applications solve problems more seriously and more difficult.

  1. When complex functionality needs to be made mobile. If your service has a complex functionality, which is loaded on smartphones for a long time, with painful suspensions and departures, then the mobile application will solve this problem. For the user’s comfort, you can add interaction with mobile device chips to your application: geolocation, push notifications, vibration.
  2. When counted a second. How many actions does the user need to perform to access from the phone on the site? We counted: four. And that is if he knows the direct address. Still need to wait until the site loads. How many actions do I need to open the app? Two: unlock the screen and click the icon. And at least time to download.
  3. When every customer is important. The mobile application keeps customers and increases the likelihood that they will return. To do this, the application should make their lives easier (for example, automatically pay fines) or offer amenities such as discounts and promotions.
  4. When you need more money. Mobile apps are an investment. Make it so that they earn immediately! Social networks, games with donat – any your idea is possible in our performance.


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