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With us it is comfortable to do selling turnkey corporate websites!

We know dozens of cases when the manager on the customer side went on increasing immediately after the launch of the new site. If you are now in search of a developer, it means that soon you will have a fascinating, exciting process. And success in this matter is extremely important. For your company, these are additional sales and market awareness. And what do you expect from the development of the site personally?

Believe me, even Tinkoff © finds time to communicate with a web developer
Because I am personally interested in the success of the project.

In our approach to the development of corporate segment sites, we have made two key emphasis:

  • Cool design.
  • Comfort, transparency and predictability of working with us.

Why are these aspects we consider key?

Cool design

The design development process in our studio consists of clearly regulated stages, which allows us almost guaranteed to fall into your expectations, and often exceed them.

We systematically apply brainstorming and creative techniques, carefully collect images and build a visual brief. We prepare sketches and prototypes and involve customers in the very early stages. We have built a multi-stage procedure for testing mockups on living people before demonstrating the mockup to you. We come up with chips and are ready to justify almost every pixel in design.

We understand that within your company there can be a complex hierarchy and procedure for coordinating documents, and especially design. To make the design work process more comfortable, we will definitely need one personal or video meeting with the head of the company – this ensures that we will “dig” in the right direction.

We send you a weekly colorful report on the current status of the project.
This allows you to keep abreast of the development.

Yes, we know that the first leaders are damn busy people and it’s difficult for them to find time in their schedule. However, it is this approach that we consider key to the success of the project. And that means – for the success of the project manager.

Transparency and comfort of working with us

We are continuously improving our development processes to make your work with us more comfortable.

The key to comfortable work, we believe, is the complete predictability of our process (you always understand what is going on, without surprises and frills). That is why we described it in such detail.

At the start of the project, we compile a timeline, where we mark key milestones of the development, clearly prescribe – who, to whom, what should and when. This allows you to accurately predict the timing of the launch of the finished site, plan your actions on the project and prevent surprises.

It is no secret that we are easier to perceive what we have drawn than what we have written. That is why we are building the process of developing your website based on graphic prototypes, mockups and sketches. You will represent the direction of work from the first hours of design development, and the finished site will not be an unpleasant surprise for you.

To make the process even more predictable allows visualization.

With us, website development is a simple and predictable process. In which everything is provided in advance, from contract templates and to the demonstration of each stage directly to the one who decides on it in your company. You do not have to reinvent from scratch.

Let’s run through the key milestones in creating the site to see how exciting the process awaits you:

  1. Development of technical specifications and optimal site structure. Before starting work, the project manager will discuss with you in detail all the nuances and suggest options for the structure. Based on this structure, we will be able to start prototyping your project. Yes, most likely, it will require your time and mental effort. Be prepared to invest 10-20 hours of your working time. We will ask a bunch of questions and do not calm down until we understand the key aspects of your company. For example, what is your key difference from competitors? We do this not out of a desire to get on our nerves, but because we love to grow Internet projects that not only work and bring profit to the owners, but also fully meet the expectations of the Customer or exceed them. We are proud to add such to the portfolio, write about them in the blog and put up for contests.
  2. Site design. We will create a guaranteed excellent design that will remain relevant in the next five years.
  3. Website layout. Busy people often use their iPad or smartphone as their primary computer. Therefore, competent adaptive layout becomes a part of our culture. We always perform optimization for different screen resolutions and different browsers. Our sites work correctly under the latest versions of IE, Opera, FireFox and Chrome – but we do not like the living dead, such as IE6. Your boss is guaranteed to be able to see the finished project from his iPhone, tablet or laptop, and in any case he will be satisfied.
  4. Software implementation. For business class websites, in 99% of cases, the ideal platform will be 1C-Bitrix, and we will offer to create a website on which. We are developing according to the SCRUM methodology (sorry for the term. Here, everything is clear and in pictures!) By a team of several programmers. This ensures that the project will be completed within the shortest possible time with excellent quality.
  5. Filling the site with meaning. This is a sore subject of many projects – long and carefully coordinate the design of the main page, and then fill the site with all sorts of rubbish. Or do not fill. As if the task of creating a high-quality corporate website suddenly disappeared from the priorities of the company. We don’t like it either! Therefore, we offer either professional content of your site with content that you provide, or the services of our copywriters: they will write new, teasing, selling texts for you.
  6. Technical support. In the future, the amount of information on the site, of course, will increase. We strictly monitor the typography of texts and are proud of it. Therefore, to ensure that the appearance and operation of your site always remain perfect, we recommend using the services of technical and content support.
  7. Quality Control (QA). We have done serious work to identify common errors on the sites. At all stages of development, our projects are thoroughly tested (and for especially large projects we use automatic testing). After the completion of the work, we perform the installation of your site on the hosting and give recommendations for further work on the project.Attention! For the efficient operation of the site, our experts recommend: website maintenance and website promotion.
    Planning to order a site with us? A high-quality corporate website with a shelf life of five years will cost you 10 000 $ – 15 000 $.


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