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A modern website is a technically complicated thing. Moreover, it is also very expensive both in development and in operation. In our opinion, it would be appropriate to compare sites and cars. So! Bad advice for novice motorist owners of sites.

Content and technical support. Website maintenance

A good site with a good design lasts for 3-5 years (or 100-150,000 kilometers), depending on the manufacturer. This is subject to the rules of operation. Then – all over again, or endless repairs (technical support site).

We provide: 12 months warranty
During this time we eliminate hidden defects that were not revealed during the testing process.

Is it possible to screw up the motor site before?
And then! Here are some proven methods:

Order a design from a good studio, and give the layout and assembly to amateurs.
Buy a new car in the cabin and immediately attach it to the pole.

Put on the site non-unique content.
Put used items purchased from a doubtful type for two bottles of vodka.

Put the site on a bad and slow hosting.
Pour AI-76 into a new galendwagen.

Launch the site and do not promote.
Tightly brew gas tank.

Delegate content to individuals who have no idea about typography.
Hire a carrier, deprived of rights.

Without reading the management system documentation, dismantle the site yourself, removing key nodes.
Wow, how many cases you can mess things up with a small screwdriver.

Hang up a bunch of scary banners and creepy photos taken by an ancient mobile phone.
Tint a new gelding Kuzbasslak.

Send out spam.
Naham traffic police officer.

Finding fault with everything that a studio developer does, require daily written reports on three forms, and crawl into the code yourself.
Bind up the consultants, the service department, stand over the master, poke a finger in all the details and arrogantly ask “why did you turn me this nut only four turns, and this one – five?”
Yes (millions cannot be mistaken)!
Personally, we are not!

We do not want the technical support of the site to be produced by self-taught handicraftsmen, and then they, with a light hand, would carry out the “modernization” of the site. And they once destroyed a good, high-quality project.

We are furiously indignant. No, we’re just mad! After a year and a half of operation, 70% of the sites turn from a polished to the glitter designer candy into W.G.

Just because the site’s technical support and content filling was given to third-party incompetent people for the sake of dubious savings.

It is physically painful for us to look at how unformatted text and dull, overexposed photos look crooked.

We have no illusions – the harsh reality has long been crushing our rose-colored glasses with a crunch. Someone will still pour 76th gasoline, paint chisels with Kuzbasslak, buy counterfeit parts, ask to teach me to change the timing belt and turn the nuts while lying under the overpass.

But we are confident that, staying on advertising, content and technical support, the site has every chance to survive. And you will help him in this, right? Amen.

The procedure for providing services for technical support site:

  • If you have accumulated tasks with a volume of 40 hours or more, we will perform them as a stage of work, at the usual rate.
  • Small, urgent tasks that “must be yesterday” are charged at a double rate.
  • Guaranteed time of acceptance of treatment.
  • The exact time of the application is not regulated. Payment is actually spent time on site support.
  • A preliminary assessment of the complexity of the work. Execution of work begins after the adoption of the client – an assessment of the complexity.
  • All calls to technical support are made by the client independently through the provided web-interface or to a special mailbox.

Warranty period

The first three months after the launch of your project, the project manager is assigned to you, and is ready promptly, by phone, to resolve any issues that arise. This period is required to put your site into operation. In the future, such support can be extended or renewed. This will allow us to resolve issues promptly, without further ado, costs and nerves.

We give 12 months to eliminate the hidden flaws that have not been identified during testing.


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