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More than 90% of web-projects do not meet the expectations of their owners. Not only do they not bring the expected profit, but they are a source of a constant headache even at really serious marketing costs.

Interface development is carried out in accordance with ISO 9241–210:
“Ergonomics of human-system interaction. Human-oriented design of interactive systems. ”
Why visitors do not become permanent, and orders are not sent, and is it possible to do something about it? In fact, you can increase the likelihood of success of your project at times already at the start.
So, the main reasons for the low efficiency of sites (subject to excellent attendance):

  • Unreasoned usability;
  • Low download speed site;
  • Problems with content.

We have solutions for all these problems, but now let’s talk about usability, namely about the design of interfaces.

The development of the interface in our studio is carried out according to a streamlined process in compliance with several rules:

Who will work on your project at the design stage?

Project manager, business analyst, UI-designer (prototype development), technical writer (preparation of technical specifications), QA-manager.

  • Clarification of your project requirements and expectations from it;
  • Preparation of a preliminary technical task (task for the prototype);
  • Modeling persons (if necessary), creating a model of target user behavior on the site;
  • Analysis of the competitive area and competing sites (if any);
  • Development of prototypes of project interfaces;
  • Testing prototypes (including custom) and, if necessary, correction;
  • Writing technical specifications;
  • Development of design in accordance with the prototype (about the design development process, read here);
  • Testing of the design (for compliance with the prototype, as well as re-usability testing).

The cost of analytics for the project is usually about 12% of the total project budget. At the same time, preliminary analytics significantly reduce the risks of project development and make it predictable. If for a small online store or corporate site you can often do without analytics or minimize it, then for startups, portals, web services this is a must have.

We understand that you do not need usability, you need clients.

Some tips:

  • Provide what visitors will do on your site. Don’t make them think, push them to click on the links you need and make the decisions you need. Website development should begin with a prototype on which user behavior is tested.
  • After the design, do not forget to test the reactions of users.
  • Naturally, you also need testing on living people and the finished project.
  • Users are already on the site as you need? What’s next? You need visitors. Within the SPIKE group of companies, Kinetica is engaged in attracting visitors to the site. Contact your project manager for details.

Need a meeting to make a decision?

The head of our Moscow office will be happy to discuss the project at a convenient time for you – call +7 (950) 673-9000, or fill out the form and we will call you back.

And right now you can discuss your project with our account managers online consultant, we invite.


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