Cool analytics

Cool analytics: We explore the market, analyze user needs, design websites and applications that hit the target.

Without preliminary analytical work, even the coolest designer will not draw a site that you both enjoy and solve business problems. Therefore, in order not to waste your money and our strength, we begin to develop the site with analytics.

Analytics includes three stages:

  • Requirements Aggregation
  • Prototyping
  • Writing technical specifications

Requirements Aggregation

On aggregation of requirements, we recognize your target audience. To do this, we study its behavior on Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, we look at the feedback on the forums and in social networks. In general, by all means we find out how people relate to your business and brand, what they like, what they don’t, and, most importantly, what hurts them. This is the most important thing: when the pains of the target audience are known, we know what to offer. After all, people return to the site not because of their beautiful design, but because their problems are solved there.

If it turns out that your Central Asian Office is an incredulous grandmother, it means that we will put reviews, certificates and legal documents in a prominent place. If business and always busy people who are browsing the site on the run – we plan to develop a mobile version.
We will also analyze the sites of your competitors and find that users do not like them. It is necessary not to accidentally repeat their joint. And if there is a cool trick – find out why users love it, and use this lever on your project. In general, we will do everything to make your website the best on the market.

“Are you experts?”
Of course, nobody knows your industry better than you. Therefore, to create a really good project, you will need your direct participation in order to correctly create a portrait of the target audience and describe the subtleties of a competitive environment. The more honest you tell about all the nuances, the more thoughtful and functional your project will turn out.
“But you need statistics!”

We agree, you can order in any marketing agency a survey of customers or even a deep survey on 100,500 questions, but it seems to us a waste of time and money. Such data is always not accurate.
Our religion is to run the project in the minimum version and in the process of its detailing study the feedback from real users.

By bringing together all the data about your target audience and competitors, we will develop an optimal project structure. This is done in the Mind Map format. Here the logic by which the project will work is already clear (and if not, only because you have not communicated with the project manager – he explains everything clearly and intelligibly). But in order to make it easier to perceive, we make prototypes for the key pages of the site.


11% of the total project cost is the development of a prototype

The prototype is an interactive model of the future site. On it you see how the blocks are located, you can click on them, open the pop-ups and explore the menu.

But this is not a ready site, because the prototype has no design. It is black and white and sketchy – especially so that you are not distracted by pictures and wow effects. We will discuss them later, and at this stage the main thing is to work out the most convenient interface of the site.

On the prototype, it is easy to understand what appeared to be a good idea on paper, but in fact breaks usability. We track such moments and offer more successful solutions.

Want to fix everything? You are welcome. But the right to choose flexibility is always yours!
The finished prototype allows you to calculate the budget to the nearest ruble, which means it helps you plan your costs.

Technical task

When the site structure and prototype are ready, we can write a short clear specification for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product or minimum viable version) of your product. Usually, in other web studios, the development process begins with TT: the brief is filled, data is collected and 80+ pages of boring text are written, which hardly anyone will read. And even if he reads – a miracle, if he understands.
Therefore, customers often read TT diagonally and sign without looking, and then they get an unknowable little animal instead of a project that bosses and shareholders are waiting for.

We, like you, do not need such dubious results. We want to run successful projects that can be sent to the competition and show mom. Therefore, our TT only complements the prototype: it describes what is not shown on it, and the main logic of the project. Therefore, the project that we will do will get as close as possible to your expectations, and not to a little clear TT.

Flexible and visual TT

Our technical task is a clear document that is easy to decompose into elements for Backlog. Backlog – a list of specific tasks, sorted by the priorities of your business and scheduled in stages (sprints). It is always at your fingertips, and you can visually track progress – as soon as they are ready, the implemented functions are crossed out.

As you work, you can change, delete, and add elements at each stage. This is what achieves maximum flexibility that our customers appreciate.
We offer to start the development of your project with analytics. Discuss your project with our expert and we will select the best option for you, taking into account your specifics, deadlines and budget!


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