Promotion: We do not leave you alone with the project after the launch: we will help you to adapt and teach them to use.

  1. Support in the first 3 months and feedback from the manager: during this period the project manager is assigned to you, and is ready promptly, by telephone, to resolve any questions that may arise.
  2. Technical support: our experts will help to understand the technical subtleties of the project and to master its functions.
  3. Content support: content managers will fill the site with high-quality images and strong texts.

80% of customers return to us for technical support

If you decide to modify the already running site, we will do it in the mode of technical support. You will only need to set the task in the task tracker, coordinate it with the project manager and pay for the work of our specialists.

We do not start non-urgent tasks immediately, but when they accumulate for 40 hours.

We follow the usual rate with one big sprint. If you have small tasks that need to be done “just yesterday” – this is also possible. We will execute them on an urgent rate, half the price of a regular one.

On request (and for an additional fee) we provide round-the-clock technical support for projects: we monitor the status of servers, the load on the site and promptly react if something goes wrong.

We give a guarantee of 12 months to eliminate hidden defects that were not detected during testing.

What does the customer want?

Proactive project improvement suggestions

In the active phase of support, the project manager will suggest ways for its development and discourage you from unnecessary modifications. If your project is finished, we still don’t forget about you: we will call every few months – just ask how you are doing 🙂

Understanding and saying the “obvious”

Good task setting is the basis of successful work. Telepathy and speculation usually cause problems, but do not solve them. At the same time, we understand that the client may not have sufficient competencies and time. We will help: we will teach, we will help; major tasks are discussed by voice; on completely exotic – we will attract an analyst. By the way, to maintain technical support and track the status of your tasks is very convenient in Scrumban.

Set a task through any convenient channel (Skype, phone, vatsapp, sms)

For setting technical support tasks, we use the tracker: the task will not be lost, and you can clearly see the status of its implementation. The tracker is integrated with the mail – you can set tasks directly through your favorite email client. Some tasks require discussion. It is possible that you will need to call, or arrange a Skype conference to discuss the details.

Accurate time estimates

For most technical support projects, the payment goes according to the time actually spent. In case you have to deviate from the assessment (for example, a project feature was found that does not allow us to finish the work on time), our manager will warn you that he will inform you of new estimates and will clarify whether we are doing the tasks further or not.


We guarantee the response time of 24 business hours – the duty manager is always on the alert to accept your appeal. In 97% of cases, this is an adequate time for processing and planning work. Small tasks are performed and shipped in the first 8–16 hours. For large and time-consuming – either a sprint is formed, or a schedule of implementation, depending on their urgency and your priorities.

“To inexpensive”

We have two tariff grids: the usual one – for non-urgent tasks that you can type in a sprint or do it on schedule, and urgent, when “we throw everything, we do it at any cost” – at a rate 1.5 times more expensive. The manager will surely offer you both options, help assess the danger level of the problem, so that you can choose the best tariff.


We make websites that are immediately ready for promotion. We make so that the site decently looked decent look in the search engines and you had a minimum of problems with SEO in the future. And in the top 10 of Yandex and Google, our partners bring the project, which we will definitely offer you.

On each site we:

  • create a functional for putting meta tags: title, description and keywords;
  • install robots. txt and counter codes: Yandex. Metrics and Google Analytics;
  • create a site map;
  • set up redirects if needed;
  • do micromarking

Such minimal optimization will reduce the cost of promotion and the risk that SEO specialists will climb into the code, tear down the guarantee and break the site (there have been cases). If you do not know whom to entrust the site promotion – we can recommend good guys, whose work will be monitored by your project manager. So ask.


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