Scrum management framework

Scrum is an advanced digital project management framework: the right process gives the right result.

It is scrum and our clear, streamlined, correct processes that guarantee the correct result: the implementation of your project right on time, with the required quality and without a headache.

For example, run the first version of the project with the optimal cost and time. And to develop the project in the future, step by step. This saves you time and money at the start, and you begin to receive profits from the project immediately after launch.

How we are working:

  • Sophisticated projects that meet your business requirements and current tasks;
  • Flexible and phased development that saves time and money;
  • Multi-level testing of projects for compliance with international quality standards;

Until it all started …

Primary briefing
Hot commercial offer

To get to know us closer, just call or email us, knock on skype on duty or leave any contact you are comfortable in the form of feedback.
At the time agreed with you, our account manager will call you. He will record your requirements, ask the necessary questions and orient you on price and terms.
At 86%, we can call you a “price plug”. If we are on the same wavelength – we communicate, find out the details, if necessary – we meet, shake hands with each other and start the project!

How will work on the project:

  • Start: meeting with managers and clarification of the goals and objectives of the project;
  • Analytics: analysis of the target audience and competitors, the construction of the project structure and the creation of a prototype;
  • Creative: Brainstorming, sketching and creating a layout;
  • Development and technology: layout and building site or application;
  • Integration: binding of necessary services and systems;
  • Project development: technical and content support.


Initial briefing, the conversation will take about 12 minutes.
Our managers will discuss with you the key parameters of the project: its vision, goals, deadlines and budget, as well as talk about the flexible approach to project implementation (SCRUM) and answer your questions.
Result: a letter to your e-mail with all the arrangements.
Collect information for your boss?

Usually we can immediately make you a preliminary commercial offer. This saves you time to clarify the details. However, on complex projects for a detailed assessment, we should get to know each other and work on ideas together. Only this approach allows us to receive projects of the highest quality.

Work on ideas

A project manager continues to work with you – an expert with maximum experience in your field who has implemented dozens of cool websites and applications
≤ 2 hours per week to negotiate
Prepare to answer the questions: there will be many of them and they will be very corrosive – only in this way will it be possible to understand the goals and objectives of working together. Be sure to schedule time for negotiations to make a really good project.


Requirements Aggregation
Stakeholders → Target audience → Pain → Antidote + Competitors →
Project structure

Requirements aggregation is the foundation of the future project. The better the aggregation, the more understanding, clarity and hitting the target accurately will be further. This means less editing, additional work and expenses.

At this stage, we collect and analyze all data on the project. Targets and goals. Your wishes and interests of users. Chips and shortcomings of competitor sites. The target audience and its pain that the project can solve. Based on these data, the structure of the project is formed – in the future it will form the basis of the prototype and design.

What it looks like

Our analysts collect and study all the data on the project, forming, as a result, a detailed document map showing:
project goals and objectives
analysis of the target audience,
competitive analysis,
structure and hierarchy of the future site or application.


11% of the total project cost is the development of a prototype
If you like pictures more than reading cumbersome technical tasks, or your project contains innovations, you will definitely need an interactive prototype – a working website model with a simplified graphic


25-30 minutes usually takes to fill in the visual brief
Before developing the design, we will fill out a visual brief: looking for the mood of the project, the right colors, suitable fonts, the optimal style of icons and interface.

When we understand what you like, we will offer you the correct, strong and vivid graphic concept of the site, create a bright design based on it and present it to you via skype. And our designer will take part in the presentation and tell all the nuances.
Development and technology

We love the layout. Adaptive. Modern. Easy At the design stage, we add most of the animation and interactivity to the project. Result: not just a set of images, but working pages with micro-interactions that meet the standards of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

The result of the work is carefully monitored: the designer monitors the compliance of the layout of the concept, and the quality control specialist ensures the correct display on any gadgets.

Usually we use:

  • React.Native for mobile development
  • Node.js for startups and highly loaded interactive systems
  • ZendFramework for most enterprise and enterprise-level systems
  • 1C-Bitrix for corporate-class projects and e-commerce


We fasten the necessary services and accounting systems to your project – the necessary tools speed up the work of the departments and make life easier for you and your employees. Planning to customize yourself? Do not be in a hurry – in most cases the phrases “simple integration” or “easy to integrate!” On the websites of such systems and services turn out to be lies.

For 5 years we have integrated websites and applications with a variety of services and systems: from the usual to the most exotic. Therefore, we guarantee that everything will be at its best!

  • ERP systems
  • Payment systems and integration directly with the bank or with a Yandex-type payment aggregator. Cashier “
  • Mailing services when the regular tool 1C-Bitrix for notifications does not solve your business problems
  • Delivery modules with one or more delivery services or install an aggregator with a bunch of options

Project development

1 year warranty after project start

We stay close, even when the project is already running: in the first three months you can always ask questions to the manager and contact our technical support, which will help to deal with the subtleties of the settings.

Need content support? No question – fill the site with pictures and texts.

We make websites that are immediately ready for promotion: we do not put them in the top 10 search engines, but we guarantee a decent look at their issuance and a minimum of problems with SEO in the future.

And what else?

We work on SCRUM

  1. Accurate cost estimates. We use Planning to give accurate estimates on the timing of the implementation of tasks at the current stage and competently plan the work schedule.
  2. Priority on the main thing. You can be sure that the most important functions for your business will be done in the first place, the rest will be added to the project in stages.
  3. Detailed work plan. No surprises: we provide a complete work plan for the absolute predictability of all processes.
  4. Quick start. A workable project with basic functions after the first stages of development – you will start earning faster than competitors.
  5. Frequent demonstrations. Watch the progress of work: our processes are “transparent” due to the constant interaction of the customer and the contractor.
  6. Weekly visual reports. We send a summary report on the project at the beginning of each week – in a few seconds you can understand how things are
  7. Fast, cheap changes. Development in separate stages 2–4 weeks long with demonstration of the results – introduce a new one into the project or change the composition of the stages, we are not opposed.
  8. Flexible budget. Plan a budget for the entire project in whole or in separate stages – conveniently in the case of long and complex projects with non-obvious functionality/

Three cycles of testing help to control the work at all stages.

  1. Proactive Testing: programmers pass their tasks on pre-agreed acceptance tests. This approach guarantees quality from the first lines of development.
  2. Classical testing: a quality specialist conducts complete testing of the project, including tests for speed and resistance to hacker attacks. This ensures guaranteed security and integrity of the system.
  3. Usability Testing: A manager who has not participated in the project examines the system with a “non-tarry” look to make the project even better and bring additional gloss.

All test results are available online – you can track our work in real time. On long-term and complex projects, we use automatic regression testing. This is an elite method, it allows us to keep under control projects in which the code is more than in four volumes of “War and Peace”.

Openness and feedback

Maximum openness
The reports show the current state of the project, contain forecasts of the dates, plans for the next week, probable risks, and also remind you of the decisions you need.

Regular Demonstrations
Absolute understanding of your ideas: gradual delivery of works with a constant demonstration of the results allows you to get acquainted with the team and ask questions directly.

Satisfaction Surveys
Comfort: regularly evaluate the work of your project manager. Each such survey, we carefully analyze and look for ways to improve our processes.

Direct contact
You can always call the studio manager or manager. We believe that this is important for solving emergency issues.

Continuous improvements
We learn and make our processes better, and work easier. Track the hottest and most interesting changes in our blog.

And how much is it?
How much does it cost to make a site – the most popular question. We warn you at once: we cannot answer unambiguously at him. But at the price we will orient.

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