Hello! My name is Ivan Grigoriev, I am the creator the Clinic of Preventive Medicine which is called Be ♥

At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease, and then I had to think about my health. Despite the recommendations of the doctors, I began to move more, started running marathons and walking in the mountains.

Today I have over 100 climbs in the mountains of Europe and the Caucasus, and more than 30 marathons and ultra-marathons. My monthly running volume is about 600 km, and I also enjoy climbing and swimming in ice water. All this would have been impossible without studying medicine and physiology.

Several years later, after the diagnosis and active training, I again underwent a medical examination, and it turned out that I was completely healthy.
This incident changed my life and allowed me to take a different look at my health. Now, at 33, I look much younger and feel great.

According to statistics, most people in the world die from cardiovascular diseases. Humanity defeated infectious, but they were replaced by chronic diseases of civilization, which weaken the performance and affect the quality of life.

I think it is important that each of us think about our health in advance. All this can be provided with simple means: rejection of bad habits, moderate exercise, proper nutrition, control of work and rest.

For more than 5 years I have been carrying out a project of the Clinic, now rejecting it for various reasons, then again thinking about implementation.
As a result, we have nevertheless begun to develop it and today we are proposing a set of measures aimed at identifying, preventing and eliminating the risk factors for the development of chronic non-communicable diseases.

I sincerely believe that the prevention of disease is a more rational approach to one’s health than treatment at the very moment when the disease has already appeared. After all, life and health are the most important values ​​that a person can have.

In our plans to build a modern diagnostic complex, on the basis of which we will organize the diagnosis and detection of chronic non-communicable diseases in the early stages.

An outpatient reception of visitors by doctors of various specialties is organized in the Clinic: physiologists, general practitioners, nutritionists, psychologists, endocrinologists, etc. There is a link between trainers, food manufacturers and other health-made companies. We conduct research on the prevention of disease, as well as organize training seminars on a healthy lifestyle.

The clinic serves as a club for people who care about their health.

The construction of the Clinic requires funds in the amount of about $ 2.5 million, which will be used to purchase equipment and further implementation of the project.

But the project is already working! We regularly work with people, organize seminars, carry them away with sports, jogging, and help find the right doctors and trainers. All diagnostics are carried out on the basis of partner clinics.

This is a very important project that helps people feel better. To become more energetic in work, to acquire external beauty and to receive joy from life.

We will be glad to see among our friends everyone who is interested in the topic of a healthy lifestyle, as well as investors and partners who will help in the implementation of this project.

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