Active tour to Mexico with climbing to the volcano Orizaba 5675 m.




Orizaba Volcano – the highest point of Mexico and the third peak of North America (after Denali and the city of Logan). The height in different sources varies, but more often indicate the height of 5636 m.
Excellent program in all respects – relatively inexpensive, short, without special requirements, with simple climbing to a mountain height of more than 5,500 m. The car rented for the group makes the journey more mobile and flexible – go where we want and when we want to see the most interesting in unusual angles . For example, a walk among the ancient pyramids of the city of Teotihuacan in the early morning until there is a large influx of tourists.
Climbing to Orizabu is a wonderful experience of climbing the five thousandth, with prior acclimatization. In my opinion. A little easier Elbrus or Kazbek.

You need to go because:
Exciting walks through Mexico City with visiting restaurants with authentic Mexican cuisine are waiting for us
visit the legendary city of the pyramids – Teutiuakan, where we learn the most interesting facts related to the history and mysteries of ancient Indian civilizations
let’s make a simple ascent to the La Malinche volcano, which offers a beautiful view of the volcanoes currently operating
We will travel by car to various parts of Mexico, when landscapes change from endless cacti fields to shining snowy peaks.
visit the world’s greatest pyramid, which is located in the city of Cholula – a place that holds many secrets and mysteries
let’s go to the volcano Orizaba
run away from the snow tops on the ocean coast, in the resort town of Veracruz, known for its freshest seafood


Date: On request
Location: Mexico
Number of participations: max 10
Price: 1800 Euro


Thread route: Mexico City – Pyramids of the city of Teotihuacan – Volcano La Malinche – Pyramid of Cholula – the village of Tlachichuka – Volcano of Orisaba – The village of Tlachichuka – Perhaps the city of Veracruz – Mexico City

This is included

guide services throughout the program
rent a car in Mexico City for 8 days for transfers according to the program + refueling the car
travel on toll roads during the program
meeting, seeing-off at a / port of Mexico
hotel in mexico 2 nights
accommodation in a campsite under the La Malinche volcano, 2 nights
hostel in the town of Tlachichuka, under the volcano Orizaba, 2 nights
meals on the ascension days, on the active part of the program – on shelters
public equipment for climbing (ropes, drills, etc.)
settlement in a shelter on the slopes of the volcano Orizaba – a house with two-level plank beds

This is not included

international air travel to Mexico City and back
entry visa (filled in on the website of the embassy). Visa information is detailed below.
climbing insurance
Lunches and dinners in cities and during transfers by car, about $ 30 per day
entrance fees in parks Teutikan and Cholula, sightseeing fees, 10-20 $$
additional trips and excursions not included in the program
surcharge for single occupancy in hotels, campgrounds
personal equipment for climbing Orizabu
Hotel accommodation in the town of Veracruz or an extra night in Mexico City, on your return. The cost of hotel accommodation is from $ 50 to $ 75.

Good to know

Necessary clothes and shoes
down jacket at -15 ° С
membrane jacket with a membrane
fleece jacket
storm trousers with a membrane
trekking trousers
thermal underwear thin
socks are trekking warm
socks are tracking thin
gloves to -15 ° C
fleece hat
t-shirt, shirt with long sleeves (2 pieces)
rain cover
climbing boots
boots or trekking sneakers

Special equipment
safety system
mountaineering helmet
carbine (2 pieces)
ice ax
tracking sticks
ski goggles
Climbing glasses

Tourist equipment
Assault Backpack 40-50 L
sleeping bag on – 10С
personal dishes

International passport.

For citizens of Russia, as such, a visa to Mexico is not needed.
It is necessary to fill in the electronic permission online at the embassy website. This type of document is called “free e-visa to Mexico”. It is necessary to accurately fill in the questionnaire form in Latin letters, press the “save” button. The system will generate a new request, and after a few seconds you will receive a response. In 99% of cases it is positive.
After receiving the electronic document it must be printed out.
Upon arrival in Mexico, along with a passport and a pre-filled migration card, the printed permit must be shown to the migration officer. He will take it, and in the passport will put a special stamp with the date of crossing the border.
If you have a valid US, Japan, UK, or Schengen multi visa visa visa, you do not need to issue an electronic permit to visit Mexico.

Flight to Mexico City.
Many international flights arrive here. The average cost of a flight is 60 thousand rubles, with transfers in Europe. If you take care of buying air tickets in advance, you can find more economical flight options. If you have a US visa, you can try to find flights through US cities, even more economically.

Car rent.
At the time of the program, we rent a car on which we move. For a group of 5 people we rent a minibus. If the group is smaller, we rent a minivan or a car.
The car is driven by a guide accompanying the group.

In Mexico City – hotel accommodation level 3 ***, in double rooms.
Camping on the slopes of the La Malinche volcano – living in detached two-bedroom houses. The house has a kitchen, shower, a fireplace. In one room quietly accommodated 2-3 people. There is a fireplace. The campsite is located in a pine forest, in a very picturesque place.
Camping in the town of Tlachichuka, at the foot of Orizaba, is a tourist camp, where the climbers on Orizabu stop. Accommodation in 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Have a shower. Here the mistress of the camping feeds very tasty.
On the slopes of Orizaba living in shelters – small stone buildings, designed for the night 20-30 people. Shelters are equipped with bunk bunks.

If the group has decided, after the ascent go to the ocean, in the city of Veracruz, stay in hotels. The level of the hotel is chosen by the participants jointly.

food in the cities and during transfers to cafes and restaurants
at the campsite near La Malinche it is possible to prepare food from the available products in the kitchen in the house, and you can eat in the restaurant, which is in the campsite
camping in the town of Tlachichuka at the foot of Orizaba: food included
on the slopes of Orizaba in shelters, small groups (up to 5 people) serve themselves: cooking under the guidance of a guide. When. if a group of 6 people or more, we can consider the option of the presence of a cook, for an additional fee.


Guide – accompanies the group throughout the program. During the journeys the guide drives the car. In a group of 6 people, the presence of another, Mexican, guide on the day of ascent. With a group of 5 people, the option of having a cook on the slopes of Orizaba volcano is discussed. The cost of the cook is charged separately.


In cities + 20 + 30 °. Usually hot and dry. Occasionally it may rain. At the top, temperatures can drop to -5-15 °. The best season to climb Orisabu is from October to April.

Insurance and medicine

No special vaccinations are required to visit Mexico. The first-aid kit with basic medicines will be at the guide. If you have any specialized medicines that you use in everyday life, be sure to take them with you.


Additional Information

There are many different types of ascent to the volcano Orizaba. The most popular of them are climbing from the Piedra Grande orphanage (from a height of 4200 m) or from the observatory.
Both of these routes are equipped with shelters that can be used to accommodate groups. Which route to climb is chosen – the guide decides on the spot. The choice depends on the condition of the routes. Climbing from Piedra Grande can sometimes be dangerous due to wind-blown slopes, when wide ice fields are formed that require additional insurance. fixing the railing.
On the route from the observatory, as a rule, there is no snow and ice. But on this side, however, the ascent and descent along the endless scree slopes, which are very exhausting, are still to be.

Country Details

Mexico, (United Mexican States), a state in southern North America. In the east it is washed by the Caribbean Sea, in the west – by the Pacific Ocean. Includes several coastal islands.
Most of the country is the Mexican Highlands, bordered by the Eastern Sierra Madre Range, the Western Sierra Madre, and the Transverse Volcanic Sierra. The highest point is Orizaba (5611 m). There are 350 active volcanoes in Mexico.
Sierra Madre – the range of active volcanoes – one of the largest volcanic systems on the planet.
The climate is tropical, in the north (on the coast) subtropical.
The wet season is from May to October. Summer is about 5 – 6 degrees hotter than winter. High in the mountains can be much colder, snow falls, negative temperatures are possible.
Mexican cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world. Corn bread and tortillas are the basic product, with the addition of which the main dishes are formed. Classic Mexican cuisine: burrito, fajitos, empanada, chili, quesadilla, guacamole, tostados, halopeno. Of the national drinks should be highlighted mezcal, tequila and beer.


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