Asian Patagonia




he route passes through the two mountain valleys of Ak-Suu and Karavshin. It has everything reminiscent of Latin American Patagonia. The walls of the mountains with rocky areas rise more than a mile above the valleys. In addition to the mountains, you will find wilderness with green valleys strewn with peacefully grazing yaks and glaciers surrounded by five thousand meters. And “our” Patagonia has one big plus – stable weather with a milder climate. For a mountain trip it is important! Turkestan range is very comfortable for traveling. The route passes at an altitude of between 2500–2800 m.

You need to go because:
completely wilderness and stunning landscapes;
mountain paths from which amazing panoramas of five thousand meters are opened;
favorable climate;
it is much closer than South America;
incredibly steep marble walls of famous arrays, towering over the valley. The most famous are: Pyramid Peak, Asan-Usan Peak, Ak-Suu Peak, Peak 4810 and many others. Each of these peaks is unique in beauty.


Date: 15-26 August 2019
Location: Patagonia
Number of participations: max 10
Price: 1490 Euro


Thread route: Osh city – Uzgurush village – camp “Ak-Suu” (2800 m) – camp “Ak-Tyubek” (3200 m) – camp “Kara-Suu” (2800 m) – camp “Orto-Chashma” (2800 m) – camp “Ak-Tash” (3100 m) – Uzgurush village – Osh city

Day 1: Arrival in Osh

Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and accommodation. Excursion to the sights of the city: Suleiman-Too mountain, the central square with a monument to V.I. Lenin, Osh Bazaar. This mountain is one of the most important historical monuments of Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the heart of the city of Osh. The mountain had a cult significance for fire worshipers. Some historians believe that the prophet of Zoroastrianism Zatushtura lived and created his teaching in one of the caves on Sulayman-Too. Also here existed one of the temples of the Zoroastrian worship of water and fire. The triple ascent of this mountain is equivalent to one hajj to Mecca. In one of the caves is a museum that we will visit. At the Osh bazaar, we will plunge into the unique atmosphere of the East and we will be able to see how various household items are made.
Lunch and dinner are included in the program.
Overnight at the hotel 3 *.

Day 2: Transfer to Uzgurush village (1400 m)

Moving from the city of Osh to the village Uzgurush will take us from 8 to 9 hours. The road will pass through the town of Batken, where we will have lunch and we will be able to purchase the necessary products. Then we will stop at the so-called “dead pass” at an altitude of 1811 m. In clear weather, it is from this place that the peak of Ak-Suu is already visible. Arrival in Uzgurush village. Here you can get acquainted with the life of the simple rural population.
Overnight at the guest house.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 3: Uzgurush settlement – Ak-Suu camp (2800 m)

Today we will pass about 20 km. Approximate time is 6-9 hours. Climbing height is +1500 m. Our path will run through apricot gardens, a rather narrow, but picturesque gorge. Let’s go through several bridges. The rise will be along a wider, but no less beautiful gorge, through the juniper forest along the river. Beautiful views of Iskander Peaks (5120 m), Petrograd (5165 m), Admiralty (5090 m), Ak-Suu (5355 m) will open to us. On the way we will arrange lunch by the river. Our camp is located at the beginning of the green zone on the Ak-Suu River. From here a very well marked peak. In front of him stands North Ak-Suu with its most difficult routes.
Overnight in tents at the base camp “Ak-Suu”.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 4: Radial exit at the peak of Ak-Suu

The length of the track today is 10-16 km. The journey time is 5-8 hours. Climbing, and then dumping today will be 600-800 m.
Through the juniper forests along a winding path today we will climb the steep glacier moraine to the very heart of one of the most powerful mountainous formations of the Pamir-Alay – the Ak-Suu peak circus (5355 m). This pyramidal peak with a snow cap breaks off in the north by a steep wall of almost 2 kilometers. The spectacle is fascinating! The grand circus is decorated with such peaks as the two-headed Iskander, the Admiralty, Petrograd, the peak of A. Blok, and also Aktyubek.
Overnight in tents at the base camp “Ak-Suu”.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 5: Camp Ak-Suu (2800 m) – The camp under the Ak-Tyubek Pass (3200 m)

The transition will take 7-9 hours. The length of about 15 km. Climb, and then reset will be 1500 m.
Today we have a busy day, so the rise will be early. But it will pay off with beautiful views and emotions that you will experience as you climb the Ak-Tyubek Pass (4390 m). A zigzag path will lead us up along the snowy communities. One of them is Ak-Tyubek peak (5125 m), which will be located on the right hand. From the pass we will be able to see the Admiralty, Small and Great Iskander, the bulk of Sabah peak (5200 m), Parus peak (4850 m). Gradually we will go down to the river and cross over her small sleeve. We set up our camp on a nearby glade.
Overnight in tents.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 6: Camp Ak-Tyubek (3200 m) – Camp in the Kara-Suu gorge (about 2800 m)

Today, the transition will take 7-9 hours. Walk about 14 km. The elevation changes will be: -400 m / +460 m / -140 m / + 640 m / –1020 m / +260 m.
Today, we are expected to cross the Orto-Chashma river and two passes: Kosh-Moinok (3260 m) and Kara-Suu (3760 m). First we will move down the gorge. Moderate descent along the river, traverse the slope with a slight rise. Around the picturesque thickets of archa will be spread. On the sides of the cliffs rise with an interesting folded structure. On the way in the river we will see a helicopter lying in the river – witness of the Batken events of 2000. Going through a not difficult Kosh-Moinok pass, descending along a slope to a small river, crossing over logs. Next we climb to the Kara-Suu pass. The trail passes through the juniper forest, over the grass. On the way to the pass point, there will be views of the Asan peaks (4230 m) and Usen (4378 m), the 1000th anniversary of the baptism of Rus (Kirkchilta) (4507 m), Pyramidal (5509 m).
Overnight in tents.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 7: Radial exit under the Asan-Usen and Pyramidal peaks

The transition today will be 12 km and will take 5-6 hours. Elevation difference + 935 m / -935 m.
Radial access to the upper reaches of the Kara-Suu gorge, to the foot of the Pyramidal peaks (5509 m), the 1000th anniversary of the baptism of Rus (Kirkchilta) (4507 m), Asan-Usen (4378 m.). You can also see the legendary “yellow wall”, on which the most difficult climbing routes are laid. Climbers around the world consider it a very great achievement to climb any of the mountains of this gorge, which are famous for their complexity.
Return and overnight in tents in the Kara-Suu base camp.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 8: Camp Kara-Suu – Camp Orto-Chashma (2,800 m)

The transition is 15 km, 5-7 hours. The elevation difference is -260 m / +1020 m / -640 m / +140 m / -460 m.
Today we will return back to the Orto-Chashma gorge, overcoming the Kara-Suu and Kosh-Moinok passes in reverse order. Camp set on a large meadow covered with funnels. It is also called the “golf course”. The rest of the time we enjoy the rest, contemplating the beautiful views.
Overnight in tents.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 9: Orto-Chashma gorge (2800 m) – Camp Ak-Tash (3100 m)

Transition 27 km, 9-11 hours. Elevation difference +974 m / -674 m.
In the morning, the river and climb up the gorge to the pass point – ridge (3774 m), separating the gorges Kashka-Suu and Dzhalgychy. From here there is a view of the upper reaches of the Orto-Chashma gorge and the Turo Pass (4525 m). Descent along the scree and grass slope to the base camp “Dzhalgychi” in the gorge. Dinner. Then we will go down along the river, go up and pass the Ak-Tash pass. Here we will set our camp at an altitude of 3100 m.
Overnight in tents.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 10: Ak-Tash – Uzgurush village

Transition 9 km, 3-5 hours. Height difference +100 m / -1494 m.
Trek along the Ak-Tash valley (approximately 3.5 km), ascent to the Buljum pass (2894 m). From the top of the pass you can enjoy views of the nearby mountains. Descent along the river through the juniper forest to the Koshara. From her through a narrow gorge through nut gardens we will reach the guesthouse in Uzgurush.
Overnight at the guest house.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 11: Return to the city of Osh. The end of the program

Today we are waiting for the return trip from 8 to 9 hours. After arriving in Osh, you will be able to manage your time at your own discretion: take a walk around the city, go shopping or just take a break from a long road.
Overnight at the hotel 3 *.
Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 12: Departure home

Airport transfer. Departure home.
Meals – breakfast.

This is included

meeting and seeing off at the airport
accommodation in a hotel in the city of Osh according to the program (double occupancy)
accommodation in Uzgurush village in a guest house
trekking tents for living during the trek
dining tent and tableware, tables, chairs
three meals a day throughout the program, including trekking days
transport according to the program
guide guide
cook on track
entrance tickets for excursions according to the program
border passes
horses or donkeys to carry cargonce tickets for excursions according to the program
border passes

This is not included

international airfare to and from Osh
equipment rental
extra charge for single occupancy
cost of visa and consular services (for citizens of Russia, passport is not required)
personal expenses in a hotel: bar, international calls, etc.
any changes to the program

Good to know

Necessary clothes and shoes
Jacket is warm
membrane jacket with a membrane
Polartec jacket or fleece
storm trousers with a membrane
trekking trousers
Polartec pants or fleece
thermal underwear warm
thermal underwear thin
warm socks (3-4 pairs, warm and light)
hat not blown
t-shirt, shirt with long sleeves (2 pieces)
hiking shoes
trekking boots

Tourist equipment
telescopic sticks
headlamp with 2 sets of batteries
backpack for day transitions (30 l)
trunk 120 l
sleeping bag at -10ºС
thermos (1 l)
hygienic lipstick
personal first aid kit


Kyrgyzstan has a visa-free regime with Russia. To enter the country, citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a passport. Citizens of Russia can stay in Kyrgyzstan with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation without registration for up to 30 days.

transfers by off-road program.
in the mountains backpacks are carried on donkeys or horses.

2 nights in Osh in hotel (2 local accommodation)
2 nights in Uzgurush in the guest house
7 nights in the mountains in tents

On the 1st day of the program includes lunch and dinner.
on the 12th day – breakfast only.
all other days of the program – full board.

Russian guide-guide throughout the program
during trekking for the group cooks cook

The weather is stable and sunny. In Osh it will be + 35 … + 40 ° С. In the highlands + 15 … + 25 ° С. If the bottom of the trekking can go in a T-shirt, then the above will be cooler. In case of rain, the temperature will drop sharply.

Insurance and medicine
no special vaccinations required
high risk category insurance (trekking)


A responsibility

Trekking “Asian Patagonia”, like any active rest, can be a danger to human health and life. A guide accompanying the group throughout the program ensures safety only if the rules and safety regulations of all participants are taken into account. Therefore, we recommend to listen to the opinions and advice of the accompanying guide. During the program, and especially in critical situations, participants must fully and undoubtedly follow the recommendations and guides of the guide. All actions and decisions on the route during a situation that threatens the safety of participants are solely the responsibility of the guide accompanying the group. During all of our programs, the guides carry with them the necessary group equipment, a mobile phone with the numbers of the district’s rescue services, and a first-aid kit for first aid. Security for us remains the main condition for fulfilling obligations to the client!


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